Scuba Diving at WSU: It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Apparently Washington State University has one of the most successful scuba diving programs in the nation. According to Google Maps, there isn’t an ocean or large lake within a hundred miles of Pullman, Washington, but there is a huge swimming pool on campus that has been the classroom for more than 4,000 students. 

The certification program is taught by Barry Moore, who first dived into the program in 1980 to complete his master’s degree in environmental science. He used his education from diving to collect samples for research he was conducting on phosphorus movement through lake sediments into underwater plants. After earning his instructor’s certification, he began running the program in 1982.

Each semester, 60-100 students enroll in PEACT 131 and use that component of the program to go on to finish their National Association of Underwater Instructors certification. The last component of the NAUI program isn’t taught by WSU because it requires open water diving. 

PEACT 131, Scuba Diving, is being offered again during WSU’s fall schedule starting August 22nd. There are two classes available for PEACT 131 that hold 100 students each. As of right now, only one student has signed up. Why not go for it?