SCSO warns of potential theft at lakes and rivers

SCSO warns of potential theft at lakes and rivers

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Marine Enforcement Unit is advising the public to look out for thieves as the weather warms up.

Deputies have heard reports of boat prowlings, thefts, and vandalism over the past few weeks at Liberty Lake, Newman Lake, and the Spokane River between Boulder Beach and the Argonne Bridge.

No suspects have been identified, but deputies believe the criminals are accessing docks, boats, and private property by water in the dark.

You are asked to report all theft and suspicious activity, and, if possible, the license plates of suspect vehicles.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office also advises to not leave valuables in boats or other unsecured areas. If possible, light areas around boats, docks, and sheds to help prevent theft.

It is also recommended that you record serial numbers or mark valuables with an engraver, which helps officials identify your belongings if they are stolen.

You can report theft and suspicious activity to Crime Check at 509-456-2233.