SCSO hosts active shooter survival training

Recent mass shooting across the country are raising an important question: would you know what to do, or how to respond in an active shooter situation?

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office hosted an active shooter survival class on Tuesday night at West Valley High School – more than 100 people attended.

“It’s not going to stop happening, folks, it’s just not” said Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Johnston. “It’s not a faucet we can turn off. But there are things we can do to stay alive.”

Johnston said when it comes to surviving an active shooter event, it’s important to remember three words: avoid, deny, and defend.

“We have to understand that you’ve got to be there to get shot – it’s that simple,” Johnston said. “If you have the ability to leave, you should leave. If you got it in you to run three blocks, go three blocks – then crawl two.”

If it’s not safe to run, do everything you can to distance yourself from the shooter.

“They are either looking for a specific target, or as many targets as they can reach,” Johnston said. “So if we can barricade and we put something between us an that person, we are slowing them down.”

Johnston said if you can’t run or hide, defend your life using anything you can as a weapon. Even scissors or hot coffee can be a useful defense.

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