Screen Time Challenge: How much time do you spend on your mobile device?

The Screen Time Challenge – it’s what we put to the test Thursday and we’re inviting you to join us. Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on your phone? Did you know most phones have a feature that will tell you?

KXLY4 paid a visit to Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane to talk with people about how much time their eyes are glued to the screen. What we learned wasn’t too surprising. Many people expressed their love for their phones and digital content.

A couple school groups on a field trip talked with KXLY4. The groups were very willing to whip out their phones and tell KXLY4 how long they people had their eyes on their screen.

The answers spanned from one hour, to two hours, and even up to three hours of phone usage in one day.

Then some people learned you can actually check the average amount of time you spend on your phone per day. One woman found out, she averages more than four hours in one day.

The numbers proved to be eye-opening for many folks in Riverfront Park. When we asked a group of kids if they spend too much time on their phones, they nodded and said, ‘yes’.

KXLY4 asked that same group what they’re using their phones for. The kids said they use it for texting and watching YouTube. Other kids said they use their phone and tablet for playing games, like Pokemon Go.

KXLY4 did find some outliers in the groups, however. There were a handful of kids who said they didn’t own a phone. They simply said, it’s because their parents don’t want them to have one. All is well, though, most said they have a tablet to use at home to consume their digital content.

KXLY4 is inviting all of our viewers to participate in the Screen Time Challenge, it just takes four easy steps. First, you’ll need to discover your screen time, which can be found in the settings app on your phone. Then, post that screenshot to social media with your reaction to learning your screen time. After you do that, share in the post what you might do if you got an hour back. Finally, tag a friend asking them to participate.

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