SCRAPS in need of foster parents this kitten season

SCRAPS in need of foster parents this kitten season

It’s hard to imagine newborn kittens causing so much concern but the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service is dealing with an influx of them.

Kitten season, which typically spans May-October, is a time when feral cats give birth. Some litters have 10 babies or more and all of them need a home and someone to love them.

“Momma goes out and the babies start coming in,” said Christina Vallone, who works at the shelter. She’s seen 30 kittens impounded in a single day.

SCRAPS is a no-kill shelter. Many of the wild, feral cats that get brought in are spayed or neutered, then released. It’s a different story with kittens. They have to wait several weeks before going up for adoption. SCRAPS relies on foster parents during that critical stage.

“I know we have probably at least 100 foster families working right now to assist us in this kitten season, but we certainly need more,” Vallone said.

By no means is it a long commitment. Depending on how old the kitten is, some foster for a few days, others do it for several weeks.

“We will give you the food, we’ll give you medical care, whatever these little guys need we will provide and you taking them out of the shelter environment increases their chances of being healthy and happy and adopted,” Vallone said.

If you are interested in becoming a SCRAPS foster parent, click here.

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