SCRAPS faces busiest day of year, holds pet adoption sale

SCRAPS faces busiest day of year, holds pet adoption sale

The kennels at SCRAPS filled up fast Thursday, on the shelter’s busiest day of the year. Volunteers say the increase in pets stems from the Fourth of July.

Special programs manager Janet Dixon said the holiday sent more dogs and cats to the kennels than normal — and SCRAPS was already at 90 percent capacity. Even more pets are expected at SCRAPS in the days to come and Dixon is on edge.

“We are going to be full very quickly,” Dixon said. “This room here is an overflow room and it’s already overflowing. We haven’t even started getting in the cats from July 4.”

The Fourth of July proves challenging for some pets and their owners. Some animals get spooked by the fireworks and end up in the kennels.

“Fireworks are so loud and animals have such sensitive hearing, that that one more thing can make them go through screen doors, can make them go under fences, claw their way out of some place when they’re frightened like that,” Dixon said.

With the possibility of overcrowding looming over SCRAPS, it’s holding an adoption sale. Adoption fees for each and every animal will be cut in half.

“Every single thing here is 50 percent off. We have to move them out, so that we can get these new ones in,” Dixon said. “We’re going to get so many of them that we just need the public’s help in getting them new homes and returned to their old homes.”

Cats, originally $40 to adopt, are now $20. Dog fees are being cut from $120 to $60. The cost to adopt puppies and kittens — $150 and $70, respectively — will also see 50 percent discounts.

If SCRAPS exceeds 100 percent capacity, Dixon said the organization will have to send animals to its local and regional rescue partners, like the Spokane Humane Society and the Seattle Humane Society.

Dixon said this is an issue that can be easily prevented, with the help of microchips and licenses.

“For this little amount of cost, you don’t have to worry about this problem. You don’t have to worry about losing a beloved family member,” Dixon said. “All you have to do is license and microchip. We just can’t say it enough.”

The pet adoption sale ends Friday, July 6 at 5 p.m.