Schweitzer reflects on a fantastic season, looks forward to next one

Schweitzer ends season for covid-19
Schweitzer Mountain Resort

The 2018-19 skiing and snowboarding season is winding down, but Schweitzer Mountain Resort is still seeing fantastic weather and lots of guests.

According to Dig Chrismer, Marketing Manager for the Resort, the mountain has seen a 7% increase in visitors for this time last year.

This is especially interesting considering the mountain has seen less snow than last year.

This year, the mountain has seen 241 inches. According the Chrismer, the mountain usually sees about 300 inches.

A couple of exciting things are coming for the Resort next season.

The slopes will see two new lifts: a high speed quad lift and a fixed grip triple lift.

Chrismer also said that the Resort will be looking to potentially add a new hotel. However, there is no specific timeline on that addition.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort will end its season with its Schpring Finale on April 6 and 7.

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