Board members unanimously pass resolution to establish racial equity in Spokane schools

SPOKANE, Wash. —  School Board members unanimously voted in favor of establishing equity policies within Spokane Schools on Wednesday. 

As board members gathered for the meeting, one goal was clear: To build anti-racism into the bones and learning structure of Spokane schools. 

The district plans to do this by training employees on cultural responsiveness, while simultaneously providing resources to students. 

That includes adding a multicultural club in each school, accompanied by diverse leadership. The Office of Family and Community Engagement will develop that plan going forward. 

SPS also plans to work with campus resource officers to eliminate officers’ ability to arrest students. Board members will work with the Spokane Education Association to come up with a better plan when students return to school in the fall.  

The district will also work to form an ombudsman process to evaluate all long-term suspensions, with the goal of ensuring students can safely return to classes. 

Part of the resolution will also see SPS enhance its process for addressing family concerns and reports about racial discrimination within schools. 

When it came time to hear public comment, several students- one just entering her sophomore year of high school- voiced appreciation for the resolution, saying adjusting the curriculum is long overdue.

You can read the full resolution HERE.