School Board member leaves amid calls for resignation

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Public Schools board member Kevin Morrison has announced his resignation, leaving SPS searching to fill his position.

Morrison’s departure comes around the same time a petition was constructed, calling for his resignation. The petition was in response to Morrison’s previous support of a Ferris High School resource officer, Shawn Audie, who was photographed in 2019 kneeling on the neck of a Black student to restrain him.

The incident saw swift backlash, leading to Audie’s own resignation from Spokane Public Schools.

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A report from the Inlander says that Morrison had written to Audie shortly after the incident and expressed sympathy. He was Spokane Public Schools’ interim director of safety and security at the time.

Morrison spoke with 4 News Now on Thursday, saying his decision to resign had nothing to do with the petition, which has been signed by roughly 1,500 people.

Instead, he cited unexpected personal reasons and a “growing sense that the current majority board preferred to work outside of normal process and engagement.”

More recently, Morrison voted in favor of a racial equity solution, but that vote was deemed by some as hypocritical. One SPS parent, Ileia Perry—who created the petition for Morrison’s resignation—told the Inlander that she did so after he said there was no wrongdoing in Audie’s actions.