Scarywood 2018 has new haunts and attractions worth screaming about

Scarywood 2018 has new haunts and attractions worth screaming about

The Inland Northwest has a lot of places for you to get your scare on, but none with as many opportunities in one place like Scarywood!

If you’ve been to Silverwood when it is the summer theme park, good luck recognizing it this October! Everything from the restaurants to signage throughout the park transform for the spooky and haunted place.

This year, be prepared to arrive early and stay for the whole time. There’s new haunts and more rides open than any year before. Yes, beloved haunts like Blood Bayou are back, and even Zombie Planet, which debuted last year. New this year, a magic show and “Log Flume,” the water ride. Don’t worry, the sprinklers that get you soaked aren’t on.

“Thursday are our lightest days for attendance, followed by Friday then Saturday. That’s our busiest day. So, if you want to see and do everything, I’d recommend coming on a Thursday or Friday,” explained Silverwood’s Jordan Carter.

Perhaps the most exciting thing at Scarywood is their brand new, level 5 haunt. It’s called Pharaoh’s Curse. The walk-through haunt takes you to Egypt, where the Valley of the Queens has been robbed and the pharaoh’s come back to curse the attraction and everyone inside.

“When you walk through it, expect to see a lot of empty mummies and skeletons. You’ll see some splendors, but you’ll see lots of mummies pop out, get in your face and go back in their holes,” explained Carter.

The theme park paid close attention to detail, using 3-D printers to make a lot of props that can be found inside. They’ve also employed more than 190 haunters, so you can expect as many scares and screams as possible.

Purchase tickets online and save $4 on the gate price.