‘Scary and frustrating’: Questions remain unanswered in U of I homicide investigation

MOSCOW, Idaho — Memorials, like the one at the entrance for the University of Idaho, are popping up across the school’s campus.

Students are leaving flowers, stuffed animals, and more items in remembrance of the four students whose lives were taken too soon.

Mad Greek is closed tonight with a memorial for Xana Kernodle and Madison Mogen, who both worked there.

At the home where the students were killed, a bouquet of flowers rests on a rock right at the front.

Joanna Perez was among the students who dropped off a bouquet and teddy bear at one of the memorials.

“Ethan was his name. I had RSTM and he was in the same college program as me, so he was kind of like in some of my classes. And some of my friends knew him so it just kind of hit close,” Perez said.

As Moscow Police continue their investigation, Perez is grappling with what happened.

“It’s just scary and frustrating, because we want like answers to what happened, but they’re holding back a lot of information from us,” Perez said.

All throughout Monday, Moscow Police were in and out of 1122 Queen Road, trying to piece together what happened.

Art Bettge, Mayor of Moscow, says he’s hearing from police, and it’s complicated.

“Because at this point, with a case of this magnitude, you don’t want to mess things up. Earlier today, the Idaho Police was contemplating bringing a mobile lab to assist in the processing of a rather complex scene,” Bettge said.

Bettge says they’re waiting for confirmation from the Coroner’s Office on the cause of death, but there’s no threat to the public.

“After looking around, and looking at the timeline, when things happened, it turns out that this is a one time event at one particular location. This does not carry on to the larger community or the larger public,” Bettge said.

Perez, however, is contemplating on going home.

“To know that something like that can just kind of happen out of nowhere, kind of just scared about that, and like worried about what’s come to come in the future. Moscow is just so small and something like that can just happen in one day,” Perez said.

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