Saving Our Sons: A conversation about boys and mental health on 4 News Now

It’s a conversation that’s difficult to start, but one that could save lives. 

Our young men – our sons – are suffering, often in silence. Many will feel there’s no other way out and turn to suicide.  

For the Erickson family in Spokane, it’s a reality they hoped they’d never have to face. 

“Boys die by suicide almost four times more than girls and that has to do with differences in their brain,” said Kimber Erickson.

Her son, Kellen, died by suicide in January 2020. Kellen had dealt with anxiety and depression, but his loss was unexpected and sent shock waves through our community. 

Immediately, the Ericksons wanted to do something to help other families. They created the Kellen CARES Foundation to help young men and their families navigate mental health issues. 

On Saturday, April 23, the foundation is holding a one-day summit to bring families, educators and community members together to talk about how to tackle this issue. 

Starting Monday, April 18, 4 News Now is lending a voice to that conversation. All week on 4 News Now at 6, not only will we share Kellen’s story, but you’ll also hear from experts on how to start this conversation in your own home. 

You’ll hear what’s being done to save our sons and the work that still needs to be done to help them open up and face the mental health challenges that plague so many. 

Watch all week, starting Monday on 4 News Now at 6.