Save the 509: Restaurants, bars, city and county team up to form Spokane Hospitality Coalition

Spokane Hospitality Coalition

SPOKANE, Wash. — More than 30 Spokane bars and restaurants have teamed up to launch a coalition aimed at keeping local businesses afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spokane Hospitality Coalition is a cooperative effort of city and county officials working with local bars and restaurants to help keep their doors open, but who pledge to do so while keeping the community safe.

Each member of the SHC has agreed to follow improved guidelines, procedures and regulations in an effort to keep employees and customers healthy.

The SHC has outlined a long list of standards that will be upheld at each cooperating business. This includes expectations issued by the state under the Safe Start plan, but also includes other steps, like stopping use of reusable menus, maximizing pick up or delivery services, and staggering work schedules as much as possible.

As members of the coalition follow these steps to ensure customer and worker safety, they ask that those visiting local businesses also do their part. The SHC has dubbed it “The 3 W’s” – Wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance.

In a blog posted to Visit Spokane’s website, David’s Pizza owner Mark Starr, a member of the SHC, said businesses want to be around to celebrate your anniversaries, first dates, family time and post-sport event dinners. But in order to do so, they need help now.

“Staying afloat becomes harder as each week passes, which is why we have created the Spokane Hospitality Coalition. Local bars and restaurants, hotels, and shops make up the SHC. We’ve been working closely with Spokane Regional Health, the City of Spokane, and each other to cover the cleanliness bases so you can enjoy yourself out on the town safely,” Starr said. “We want to save the 509.”

Participating businesses will have SHC signs. Those looking to get involved with the coalition can click here to make the pledge. 

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