Satellite campuses to design mascots

Satellite campuses to design mascots
Credit: The Daily Evergreen 

All WSU campuses will now be able to create a mascot that represents the spirit and character of that location.

This includes WSU Vancouver, Tri-Cities, Everett, Spokane, Global Campus and the Graduate and Professional Students Association.

Jordan Frost, ASWSU Pullman president, said there have been issues with mascot representation for years following a Butch incident at the WSU Vancouver campus.

ASWSU Vancouver President Jose Scott said this incident happened during a Week of Welcome event a few years ago. WSU Vancouver had planned on using its own Butch mascot when the WSU Pullman Butch appeared as well. Scott said the legend goes that one of the mascots had to stay on the bus for the entire event.

“After that event, our students have been very steadfast and advocating for having a Butch on our campus,” Scott said.

Frost said Butch is not the WSU mascot, which is a common misconception — Butch is instead the WSU Athletics mascot.

You can find the full article on the The Daily Evergreen.