Santa Claus stops by Longfellow Elementary with new coats and hats for 100 kids

It’s not every day that your class schedule includes a meet-and-greet with jolly Ol’ Saint Nick.

Every single kindergartner and first grader at Longfellow Elementary got to meet Santa Tuesday morning, and Mr. Claus didn’t come empty-handed.

Local credit unions helped him out and provided about 100 coats to give to each and every child who came through the door. A present for a child who, otherwise, might not receive a gift this Christmas.

This time of year, everything becomes a routine. Make the shopping list, buy the presents, wrap the presents, then put them under the tree. It becomes easy to forget that all of this is a luxury. But that’s not something that a lot of kids get at Longfellow elementary. Luckily, Santa Claus paid a visit to show them, there is always a little magic somewhere.

The big guy showed up at Longfellow with his signature fur boots, white gloves, and circle glasses. Santa told students he had to make a pit stop in Spokane because Rudolph needed to see a veterinarian.

Several students thought he looked like Mr. Markofsky, a Longfellow Elementary teacher, who has a very close resemblance to Santa. But Santa said it couldn’t be him, because Mr. Markofsky was sick and had to go to the doctor.

Santa made Christmas dreams come true for kids at Longfellow Elementary who otherwise might have nothing under the tree.

“Some of these kids, they’ve never had a picture with Santa. They can’t afford a picture at the mall,” Santa Claus said.

Nor can some of their family afford Christmas gifts.​​​​​​, even if they are high up Santa’s nice list.

“It’s hard with, it’s hard this time of year. It’s hard being the only one that works,” said Heather Lamont, who’s receiving help from the school this holiday season.

There are many Longfellow families in this situation. With help from special elves, that strangely look like local credit union representatives, every kid got a present today.

Some families also got boxes of presents so everyone will find a little something under the tree.

“Needed clothing, as well as gift items just for something special that will be under the tree. A lot of our families are working full time, or two to three jobs, trying to get by. But it is still hard at Christmas,” said Karyn Holt, counselor at Longfellow Elementary.

STCU, Canopy Credit Union, and Numerica Credit Union all helped get new coats for Longfellow students. This is the fifth year in a row Santa Claus stopped by the elementary school.