Sanders takes lead in Washington, narrowly trails Biden in Spokane Co. votes

A first round of results shows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders narrowly leading former Vice President Joe Biden in Washington votes, but trailing him in Spokane County.

Results show Biden leading Sanders by 228 votes at 31% in Spokane County, but trailing behind by a whole 2,084 votes statewide.

READ: First round of results shows Biden taking a narrow lead over Sanders in Spokane County

The primary will decide 89 delegates in Washington and another 20 in Idaho, making the margin of victory in each state particularly important- candidates have to reach a 15% threshold to get any delegates.

This also explains what happens to the votes for candidates who have suspended their presidential campaign.

Former candidates like Bloomberg and Warren can still be voted for.

According to the Washington Democratic Party, if they get 15% or more of the state vote, they have a chance at delegates in that state.

But compared to candidates still in the race, the likelihood of them acquiring those delegates is low.

Overall, statewide delegates will be re-allocated before the national convention.

Washington State Democratic party says they are thrilled with Tuesday night’s turnout of nearly 40% of registered voters.

Numbers in both Washington and Idaho will continue to change as more counties update their results.

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