Finding the Helpers: Salvation Army volunteer gives back after being furloughed from his job

SPOKANE, Wash. — While so many people are losing work because of COVID-19, it’s not often that in the meantime, they go to work for others in need.

Albert Rendon was furloughed from his job recently and said while there’s a lot he’s uncertain about , he is certain that he wants to give back.

For about two weeks, he’s been volunteering at the Salvation Army food bank, going wherever he’s needed and doing what he can for other people hit hard by the pandemic.

This is also a time where the food bank has seen an increase in need for their services, donations and volunteers.

Rendon said this isn’t the first time life has been hard and he’s needed help.

“I’ve had some times in my life where everything hasn’t really been the best and taken a toll on me mentally, physically,” said Rendon. “Through the grace of God and friends and family, I was able to persevere through all that.”

He believes anyone in a similar situation should do what they can to help.

“Volunteer, help, get online, go to a place, go to a food bank. Come on down, do whatever you need to do to help,” said Rendon. “I mean, we’re all in this together and we all need to move forward so we can return back to a normal life.”

To be a volunteer, you can go to and click on ‘Volunteer in this Community’.

The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers for four-hour shifts, Monday through Friday.

They could also use new and unopened donations of hand sanitizer (travel size, standard size or large bottles), surgical masks, toilet paper and cleaning supplies (Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Bleach, Paper Towels, Bottles of soap).

To make monetary donations for the purchase of these items, please visit  or send a check – earmarked Spokane Salvation Army Coronavirus Response Effort – to The Salvation Army, 222 E. Indiana Ave., Spokane, WA 99207.

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