Salvation Army Spokane to open Evangeline’s House in July

Salvation Army Spokane to open Evangeline’s House in July

The Salvation Army has begun construction on a new emergency foster care center called Evangeline’s House, which will serve at risk youth and young adults from ages 10 to 20.

For nearly two decades, Sally’s House has been the only emergency foster care center in the Spokane-area; helping over 3,000 children ages 2 to 12.

Evangeline’s House will be an extension of that, serving ages 10 to 20. It promises to be a nurturing environment, that will see the Salvation Army partner with other local agencies to get kids ready for a forever home and enjoy the simple pleasures of growing up.

Major Ken Perine of the Salvation Army in Spokane said, “some of the teenagers, sadly, because of their life situation, are the adult in the home. When they come to us, they get to be a real child, just to be a teenager, have some good fun. Be real about themselves as people are real with them and just meet their needs where they are. That’s what the Salvation Army does, that’s who we are.

Evangeline’s House is named after the first female general of the Salvation Army, Evangeline Booth.

“There’s an example of a woman who overcame circumstances to do great things for the Salvation Army and I believe the world and I think the name Evangeline’s House here fits the same way,” added Major Ken.