Salvation Army Spokane needs volunteers year-round, not just during holidays

SPOKANE, Wash. — Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to honor the life and legacy of a Civil Rights Movement leader. Over time, ways to do that have changed. The federal holiday has become known as a day on, not a day off, where individuals are encouraged to go out and give back to their communities.

The Spokane Salvation Army said they always notice a spike in volunteers during holidays, but wish those who give a few hours during giving seasons would continue their efforts year-round, as the need doesn’t go away. Sometimes, it’s greater.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020, the organization shared a list of places they can use volunteers any time of year. Currently, there is a huge need for volunteers in their food bank, which serves the most people of any food bank in Spokane County. For those who feel fulfilled interacting with the folks they are volunteering to help, shopper assistants and check-out people are needed. Volunteers who prefer to work behind the scenes – and are strong – are welcomed to help un-box daily deliveries.

Volunteers are also needed at Sally’s House and Evangeline’s House, emergency shelters for children and teens. Major Ken Perine said opportunities include reading children bedtime stories, the after-school program and mentoring. Mentors and case workers are also needed in their transitional shelters.

There is a volunteer opportunity for everyone. If someone has a hard time on their feet, the Salvation Army Spokane always needs help answering phones and assisting with clerical work. They are also eager to find volunteers to improve their garden and help with maintenance projects.

If you’d like to learn more about volunteer opportunities or sign up for your first shift, call Joshua Schultz at 509-329-2721 or email him at