Salvation Army of Spokane helping families impacted by COVID-19 measures

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Salvation Army of Spokane wants to help local families who are struggling because of local measures taken to curb the coronavirus.

The food bank is open to those who need help feeding their families and to those who want to give back at a critical time.

As schools and businesses close down because of the virus outbreak, the number of people who visit the food bank has doubled.

But they are making sure the food bank is practicing the rules of social distancing by having only 10 people inside at a time.

You can also stay inside your car while volunteers and staff go inside and shop for you.

While the Salvation Army is getting an influx of families who need help, they’re also needing help restocking a few items.

These include toilet paper, clorox wipes, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer and paper towels.

“We kind of picture a lot of people having an over abundance of that, maybe a year supply,” said Salvation Army of Spokane Major Ken Perine. “Maybe take the time to think about that and say ‘How much do I really need? For the next three months, maybe?’ And whatever is extra, you can donate to us so we can give it to those in our community that need it.

At this time, the Salvation Army is also need of volunteers at the food bank.

All visitors to the Salvation Army headquarters can expect to have their temperatures taken and they’re holding church services online for further safety.

Visit the official Salvation Army website to find out how the organization is preparing for the coronavirus pandemic across the country.

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