Salvation Army hosts Thanksgiving meal with community

SPOKANE, Wash. — On Thursday, hundreds of people in the community were able to celebrate the holiday with others over a Thanksgiving meal.

The Salvation Army of Spokane offered its annual Thanksgiving dinner to the community.

Sometimes we take out favorite Thanksgiving meal for granted while others are not able to provide this meal for their families. People who came to the Salvation Army say they are grateful to share this Thanksgiving holiday with everyone.

“Thanksgiving today for us is about community,” Executive Director of the Salvation Army Ken Perine said. “We want people to be with us.”

You can’t spend Thanksgiving without some turkey, mashed potatoes and some gravy on top. This Thanksgiving, the Salvation Army in Spokane offered seats at their table for anyone in need.

“It’s one thing to have [a] meal.. just to share [a] meal with other people in the community,” Perine said. “Let them know that they are important and that they are valued.”

Throughout four locations, the Salvation Army provided more than 500 meals to people. However, preparations for the meal were not easy this year.

“Thankfully, we got enough turkeys this year,” Perine said.

Nevertheless on Thanksgiving, food always brings people together.

“I’m homeless,” Diane Simpson, a guest at the dinner, said. “I’m living in my car and I have no family. I really appreciate this food today. [It’s] very, very nice.”

More than 60 volunteers came to give back to the community.

“Being able to come to [an] event like this is one of the best ways to do that you get to meet so many people,” Abby Allen, a Salvation Army volunteer, said.

The reason is simple — to spend the holiday with everyone.

“A lot of families [are] looking out for each other and wanting to have a good time together,” Allen said. “Seeing people they know…’hey, how are you doing?’ I’m just loving the sense of community.”

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