Safeway and Albertsons to initiate social distancing protocol

Safeway on Mission and Hamilton

SEATTLE, Wash. — Safeway and Albertsons are taking extra steps to enforce social distancing protocol in their grocery stores.

Examples of changes include marked, designated waiting areas and line spacing in areas like the deli or pharmacy.

“Social distancing can make a significant difference in our communities as we face this pandemic,” said Vivek Sankaran, President & CEO in a release. “Our stores are following the guidance from the CDC with regard to regular hand washing and enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols. We believe that the next step toward helping slow and contain the COVID-19 virus is by reinforcing  proper social distancing whenever possible.”

In a release, the company stated that the goal was to limit the time customers spent within six feet of one another to 10 minutes.

Changes will be noticeable at all Safeway and Albertsons locations.