Safety tips for flood conditions

Safety tips for flood conditions

Warm temperatures, wet weather, and melting snow are creating conditions perfect for flooding.

Already this week, we’ve seen areas throughout Spokane County that are flooding, and these conditions will continue throughout the week.

Jill Smith lives near Peone Creek. For weeks, the water has been high.

“Three weeks ago it was even higher than this. It was up to the base, flowing at the top of the sandbags over here.”

They’re prepared, knowing they live in an area where flooding could happen.

“Main concerns are of course getting up toward our house. We’ve never had it flood. We are in a hundred year flood plane here so we pay flood insurance.”

And there are other preventative measures you can take to make sure your home, your valuables, and your family stay safe.

Here are some tips from (

Keep your eye on the weather and local stream flows.

Store your valuables high, things like photographs and important documents.

Have a list of what to take if you only have a few minutes to get out of your home.

And save photographs of your home and belongings in case you need to make an insurance claim for damage.

The National Weather Service says it’s important to have an evacuation plan in place with your family before any flooding occurs. Everyone in the family should know where to go, and remember, escape routes could become blocked off by water.

When you receive a flood watch in your area, the Weather Service says to make sure your car is full of gas. Stock up on drinking water and food, and keep first aid materials and prescriptions on hand.

Jill says the water here at Peone Creek has been higher in the past, but they’re not letting their guard down.

“What happens, happens, and you just deal with it day to day as the water rises or goes down,” she said.