RV dealers seeing ‘record-breaking’ sales

SPOKANE, Wash. – Mike Angelo grew up around RV’s. He’s had nine of them so far and on Friday, he was looking for number 10 at Appleway RV’s expo at the Spokane Arena.

“I know this life, and so it’s a great life. It’s a fantastic life,” he told 4 News Now.

The big vehicles give him the option to travel whenever he wants to, comfortably.

“The main reason we want to get a bigger RV is to be able to travel still this year and into next year, and not have to stay in hotels, motels, and limit our exposure to the general public,” he said.

Angelo had a plan to go down to Arizona to see his mom, but that’s not happening anymore.

The coronavirus has changed many travel plans, so some people thought it was best to go buy an RV so they could hit the road whenever they can, in their own safe space.

Appleway RV General Manager Mike Stanisich says the pandemic is mostly why they’ve been having record-breaking sales in the last few months. Since he’s been in the business for 40 years, it’s the biggest spike in sales he’s ever seen.

“Generally in a 10 day sale, we’ll sell 60 to 80 pieces. We’re scheduled on this, we’re budgeting about 140, 150 pieces during this show,” he said of the event.

He believes they could sell up to 200 RV’s at the RV expo, but there wasn’t enough supply to meet the demand.

“We’re seeing such a spike in sales, we can’t get the inventory fast enough and the manufacturers can’t build them fast enough,” Stanisich said.

Recently, on average, they’ve been selling 100 RV’s and camp trailers in a 10 day period. That’s normally what they sell in a month.

With many people interested in RV’s, but not enough stock, Stanisich says it worries him a little bit.

“It’s a short term phase, we’re seeing a big spike right now but come September, October, it’ll start leveling out a little bit and manufacturers will get the chance to get caught back up,” he said.

In the meantime, Angelo and his wife will be enjoying some weekend trips or hanging out in their front yard.

“Sometimes we will go out into the RV in our driveway and we’ll sit there and relax and get away from the house,” he said.

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