Russell Wilson trade rumors: sure thing or false alarm?

Russell Wilson

SEATTLE, Wash. — It’s been a fascinating offseason for Russell Wilson, and he’s only been about two weeks into it.

There’s plenty of time for a trade to occur coming after a fair share of rumors surrounding the quarterback. About every team in the NFL has options to acquire Wilson, and there are signs that the Seahawks may have to pull the trigger this offseason.

Recently, Russell Wilson removed his ties to the Seahawks from his Twitter bio. He also changed his profile picture to a photo of him in his high school days at Collegiate School.

Despite Wilson cutting ties from the team on social media, it definitely does not mean he’s departing from Seattle.

ESPN analyst Ian Rappaport says he does not see Wilson going to another franchise this offseason. He says Seattle isn’t in a position to trade their star quarterback right now unless they want to enter rebuild mode.

However, Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract, meaning if he requested a trade, the team would have to accommodate. It truly comes down to Russell Wilson’s mindset, which has shifted from staying in the Northwest, to exploring other options.

Again, its only been two weeks into the offseason, so its a bit early to be taking these trade rumors seriously. Although Wilson removed the Seahawks from his social media, his loyalty for the team has surely shown through the ten years he’s played in the league.

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