Ronna McDaniel agrees to stay on as head of RNC through 2020 election

Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, accepted an offer by President Donald Trump to stay in her role through the 2020 election, a source tells CNN.

Trump asked McDaniel last week to serve another term, officials told CNN. He told aides he wants a woman to lead the GOP into his re-election year with the party trying to combat a gender gap and win over women voters. He also likes her leadership of the committee and fundraising efforts.

McDaniel has overseen a fundraising boom for Republicans. Earlier this year, the committee eclipsed the $200 million mark in money raised, the fastest the RNC has ever reached that milestone in a midterm year.

RNC members will have to officially vote for McDaniel at the group’s winter meeting.

Axios first reported the news Sunday evening.