Rogers High School students organize Mental Health Awareness Night

Rogers High School students host the first Mental Health Awareness Night in an effort to prevent suicide, bullying and encourage students suffering from depression to get help.

Jackee Smith, a junior at Rogers High School, came up with the idea and organized the event.

“I feel like people don’t always know where to go for help and know what to do so I know personally this is a good place to reach out and see what’s out there,” said Jackee Smith.

Catholic Charities and the Native Project also participated in the awareness night.

The event was also focused on preventing bullying.

“We’re all in high school, we are all freaking out right now and if we can just all stay together rather than tearing each other down and apart, it would make high school so much easier,” said Smith.

Danielle and Ryan Zenishek attended the event to encourage kids to be kind to each other.

The Zenisheks’ 13-year-old daughter, Macie took her own life two years ago after relentless bullying in junior high.

“Junior high is rough, especially now a days,” said Danielle Zenishek.

“Girls are not the nicest sometimes. She got picked at because she was nice, She was too kind sometimes,” said Zenishek.

To honor Macie and keep her memory alive, they’ve started a movement called Kindness Matters. The campaign encourages everyone to choose kindness. They hope choosing kindness will prevent another parent from suffering from the same heartache they feel everyday.