Rogers High basketball team inspires school, community

Rogers High basketball team inspires school, community

Despite their loss against Lakeside High School Saturday, the Rogers High School basketball team had an incredible season. Not only inspiring their school, but an entire community.

Their success this season is no thanks to luck! It’s their heart, drive, and teamwork that makes them winners.

Off the court, the Rogers boys basketball team has shown the community they are done playing defense. Defense against those who question what their capable of, because on the court they have shown it.

“We’re no different than any other school,” said Rogers Head Coach, Joel Soter. “Our players are no different than any other player in any other school.”

It’s been well over a decade since their last successful season. Now, regional champs, they’re exceeding expectations, and silencing critics.

“These players have worked so hard for this,” Soter said. “They’ve wanted this, they’ve expected this and to see it happen and to see their success and all of their hard work payoff has been great.”

It’s their hard work that continues to inspire the community.

“The thing with me and the players is they want to thank all of these people that we don’t even know who they are, that have donated, are making us meals,” Soter said.

Melanie Mikkelsen doesn’t even have student at Rogers. In fact, her daughters go to Gonzaga Prep. But she and two of her friends, like everyone else, feel an attachment to the Rogers team and an overwhelming amount of pride.

“Win or lose, that’s not what this is about,” Mikkelsen said. “What it’s about is the community spirit this team has inspired in everyone.”

No matter who raises the championship trophy once the final buzzer sounds on the season, it’s Rogers that people will remember.

“I’m the biggest competitor, I want to win more than anybody there’s not a person that wants to win more than me, but in life these guys have already seen that success,” Soter said. “Success is earning respect.”