Rocks thrown onto passing cars in Spokane

Rocks thrown onto passing cars in Spokane

The Spokane Police Department is investigating four separate reports of someone throwing rocks at vehicles on Ash Street, in Spokane.

A large rock hit and shattered the back window of Spokane driver Jeff Fry’s car Wednesday night on North Ash Street. Debi Pfrimmer said her husband Robert Pfrimmer was driving home that same night when a rock crashed down and shattered his window. Dan Wilson said someone threw a rock at his car that night, in the same area. He said the rock missed his window but did damage his vehicle.

Officer John O’Brien said people have reported three incidents of this near Ash Street and Courtland Avenue and one near Ash Street and Garland Avenue.

O’Brien said the person behind this may not realize just how dangerous this is.

“People don’t realize that when you hit somebody’s vehicle with a rock, it can go straight through the windshield and there have been cases across the state where people have died from this,” O’Brien said.

None of the victims so far have been injured and the incidents have not caused crashes. Police are investigating. Authorities ask that you call 509-456-2233 if you know anything about these crimes.