Rocket Market fight escalates

Rocket Market fight escalates

Another shot fired in the fight over Rocket Market on the South Hill.

The lawyer representing the neighbors who are suing is now also threatening to sue a neighbor trying to help the market.

The combination gas station, grocery store and restaurant is being sued by a group of neighbors over the noise they say an outdoor summer concert series brings to the neighborhood.

A letter was sent to a woman who started a go fund me page to help the Rocket Market with legal costs.

The letter threatens legal action against her claiming she is defaming the plaintiffs characters.

But one neighbor doesn’t see it that way at all.

“This is what gives our community its’ flavor, our personality,” said Jan Evancho who lives near Rocket Market.

Evancho lives across the street from the market and loves what it brings to the neighborhood.

“I am probably the voice of the majority around here, and we really don’t want a small minority to take away something that’s really valuable for the community,” said Evancho.

But she knows not everyone agrees and was not surprised there was a lawsuit against the business.

“There’s been a lot of complaints made about the Rocket from many of these same people over the years,” said Evancho.

But Evancho was surprised when she heard about the threat of legal action against her other neighbor, a woman who created a go fund me page to help the Rocket Market with it’s legal costs.

“The rest of us want to donate our money to help them with the lawsuit. I can’t imagine why anyone would be against that,” said Evancho.

The attorney representing the unhappy neighbors says its all about what was written on the go fund me page.

The page states the group of neighbors wants the music to stop, but the attorney claims that is not what the lawsuit is asking.

“There’s a huge difference between shutting the music down and allowing my clients the use and enjoyment of their property,” said attorney Jed Barden.

But Evancho says those neighbors had a reputation for disliking the Rocket Market long before the Go fund me page.

“A couple of them have been quite vocal for quite some time so I don’t think it’s any big surprise for some people who live around here,” said Evancho.