Rock Club is Spokane Valley’s version of the hit movie & musical “School of Rock”

Sean Burgett was just about to enter high school when the cult classic film “School of Rock” starring Jack Black hit theaters. Almost 2 decades later, he’s living out his dream teaching kids to play music, and bringing those students together to form rock bands at his studio Rock Club!

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the movie, “School of Rock” is the story of a guitar player who gets kicked out of his band and pretends to be his friend, a substitute teacher, to try and make some money. He dreams of competing in a Battle of the Bands competition, and when he sees the talent of the students in the class, he thinks they might be his ticket to win the whole competition. Chaos, lots of singing and plenty of moments to rock out to follow!

After the success of the film, a musical version was developed and hits the stage at the First Interstate Center for the Arts on Wednesday, May. You can still get tickets here.

Burgett’s story is a little different, but his passion for rock music and sharing it with others matches the main character in the film and show, Dewey Finn.

Burgett taught private music lessons for 10 years while simultaneously performing in multiple bands. He said the idea for Rock Club came to him when he noticed students he’d been working with for years become bored with where they were at. For the last 5 years, he’s been matching up his students from all over the Spokane Valley-area with each other to play on stage. Currently, he works with 10 different bands on a weekly basis. Band members range in age and skills and sound and Burgett acts as director for each band when they practice in his Spokane Valley studio.

Music education in schools is great, but Burgett said it lacks the performance exposure needed to perform in a rock band. His school offers a unique approach. His students get the opportunity to travel around to local shows, meet with local experts who specialize in things like stage persona and costume and record demos at a studio. Most importantly, though they get over triple the amount of stage time they’d get in school. At first they work on mastering covers, and then move on to writing their own music.

Currently Rock Club is open to elementary, middle and high school students only, but there are plans in the work for an adult rock band to come!

Mark your calendars for their local Battle of the Bands competition, which will be taking place at the Pin on September 7, 2019.

To learn about enrolling your children in Rock Club, click here.

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