Road rage victim pulls out gun, sits on suspect until Spokane officers arrive

Police lights

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police said a recent road rage incident on I-90 ended with a citizen’s arrest.

According to SPD, 57-year-old John Lowery was tailgating another car on and off for miles. He would reportedly get within inches of their bumper and would speed up, then slam on his breaks.

Police said the victims eventually ended up next to Lowery and yelled at him about his driving.

They told police Lowery pulled out a knife and began to yell back, so they called 911. They followed him as he exited the freeway, for fear police would not be able to locate him if they lost sight of him.

Lowery stopped near S. Lee St. and Third Ave, so the victims did, too. Police said he then got out of his car while holding his knife and walked up to the victims’ vehicle.

According to police, the driver then grabbed his handgun, got out the car, told Lowery to drop his knife and told him he was under citizen’s arrest. He was able to knock the knife of Lowery’s hand onto the ground, then laid on top of him until police got to the scene.

The victim then gave his gun to a passenger to avoid a physical struggle for the firearm.

Police said Lowery continued to fight while on the ground and at one point, the victim accidentally knocked out one of Lowery’s teeth with his arm. The victim said the suspect had tried to bite him prior to the tooth coming out.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found the knife and saw scrapes on the victim’s arm. They also found a pipe used for methamphetamine use under Lowery’s car.

With this information, police found probable cause to charge Lowery for DUI and felony harassment.