Road improvement in a Shadle Park neighborhood turns into road inconvenience

Road work can dampen anyone’s day. Construction can lead to detours or a change in your morning commute. But when it’s in front of your house, that’s when it can start affecting your everyday life. That’s what one woman has been dealing with this summer while crews have been chip sealing the street she lives on.

A ‘chip seal’ is a pavement maintenance technique that’s supposed to make a street last longer. The seal keeps water out, which can be useful in our area because of our region’s weather. Rain and snow, after time, can damage our streets.

While it’s supposed to be an improvement, one resident calls it an inconvenience,

“Oh, it looks wonderful until you track it in on your carpet and the linoleum,” said Shelley Anderson, who lives in one of the Shadle Park neighborhoods under road construction.

This past summer has been a battle with construction crews outside her home.

“As you can see, some of the neighbors are parking in their yards. We just have tried to make the best of it. But this has been a horrible inconvenience that should not have been drug out for two months,” Anderson said.

She said the company working on the project, Shamrock Paving, gave residents a letter at the beginning with what to expect and when, but they didn’t stick to it. This letter included where they were scheduled to work.

“The no parking signs were on this side of the road. So I parked in front of my neighbor’s house. When I came home, I drove in hot tar,” Anderson said.

That hot tar and other materials they used caused quite a mess, according to Anderson.

“Tracking this stuff into my new car because I’d have to come out and walk to the car to get in and tracking it into the car. Or getting out of the car and walking in the house and tracking it in to my carpet and my linoleum,” Anderson said.

The rocks and tar stick to the bottom of shoes and even her dog’s paws. Now, she’s left to clean the mess it leaves behind.

“That’s what it takes to get tack off. WD-40,” Anderson said. “This isn’t something that is going to be sealed in a day or two. This is now something we are going to have to deal with. I called the engineer’s department and I called the mayor’s office. No one has called me back today, because I wanted point-blank – who am I going to send the cleaning bill to,” Anderson said.

Anderson said she tried contacting the project manager from Shamrock Paving but could never get a hold of her. 4 News Now tried calling Thursday as well, but we did not receive a response.

The City of Spokane issued this statement to 4 News Now in response:

We have had some issues around timely public notification and slipping schedules on that particular chip seal project location.

We are addressing that with the contractor. We apologize for any inconvenience for our citizens.

But in the end, the project will help maintain their residential streets.