Road crews working through the nights to complete full city plow

Snowfall on Tuesday night into Wednesday was expected in Spokane, but it still caused issues for morning commuters.

“It was snowing quite a bit during the morning commute so what we saw was those arterials would fill back up and then the plows would run through them again,” said Marlene Feist, spokesperson for the city’s Public Works Department.

Part of the city’s new snow plan involves plowing sooner. The ‘stages’ of plowing implemented in years past (waiting until a certain accumulation of snow to plow) are gone.

“The night crew laid down de-icer in advance of the snow, the night crew stayed late. the day shift stayed in early so we had seamless coverage. So, they’ve been plowing. As soon as there was enough snow to plow, they plowed,” Feist said.

A full city plow was initiated on Wednesday morning. Crews will work 24/7 until the work is done. Feist says the city is hopeful the plow will be completed in three days- like the two previous full city plows this snow season.