Riverfront Park’s blue bridge survives

Riverfront Park’s blue bridge survives

The renovation of Riverfront Park has changed the skyline of the park with the copper topped carousel building being replaced and the Imax Theater being torn down.

The iconic Blue Bridge on the Park’s north side was also slated to be removed with the massive steel girders that have spanned the river for more than 100 years to be reduced to mere industrial decoration some where in the park.

But the bridge, once thought be be beyond its usefulness, proved its historic design isn’t finished yet.

The City of Spokane ordered a study to be performed on the bridge and found a costly replacement did not need to take place.Riverfront Park’s blue bridge survives

“It found there was more longevity in the bridge,” said Fianna Dickson, spokesperson for Riverfront Park. “So we wanted to make sure we capitalized on that.”

A new promenade and entrances to the park also helped with the preservation of the bridge. It will no longer be needed to carry vehicles and will be a pedestrian bridge only.

The cantilevered sidewalks on the edge of the bridge that have been blocked off for several years will be removed and the deck of the bridge will be resurfaced. The study also recommended about $50,000 worth of corrosion repair. According to the study those repairs would add ten more years to the life of the bridge. Riverfront Park’s blue bridge survives

The bridge will be closed through 2018 for construction of the north promenade.