Riverfront Park pavilion could host live music events in the future

Riverfront Park pavilion could host live music events in the future
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Riverfront Park’s long running pavilion construction should be coming to an end this summer. And when it opens, there may be some live music events for Spokane to enjoy.

The pavilion would be able to host around 4,000 guests and offer a number of shows throughout the year. There is currently no word on when the shows would happen, but they would most likely be hosted during warmer months.

Hiring of an event planning organization that will schedule concerts for the space will be a top priority.

As of right now, the board is looking at a company based out of Seattle called AEG Northwest.

AEG, the overarching company of AEG Northwest, was founded in 2001 and is responsible for hosting 10,000 shows a year at locations around the world including events such as Katy Perry concerts, professional sporting events, and the Coachella music festival.

On Monday, the Park Board will be voting on whether or not the details regarding the venue are good to go. If they vote no, changes will be made to the details of the arrangement and another vote will happen at a later date.

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