Richland students learn CPR to the tune of “Baby Shark”

Students in eighth grade at Chief Joseph Middle School got a lesson in CPR from the Richland Fire Department.

177 students were apart of the department’s kickoff for Heartsafe, an initiative to teach everyone how to perform hands-on CPR properly. This class was the first one for the department.

“What we really need to focus our efforts on is public education,” said Josh Smith, Richland firefighter. “What we want to do is not just focus on adults, but we know that these sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students have the strength and have what it takes to do hands-only CPR.”

Students performed CPR either on a mannequin or cube. The cube would light up if compressions were done properly at a consistent rate. To inspire students the department used a catchy tune to help everyone stay at a proper beat during CPR. Firefighters played “Baby Shark,” a song that has gone viral.

Smith hopes to expand this new program in order to teach all middle and high school students how to give someone CPR when their life depends on it.

“What we’re doing is we’re working out the kinks with the students here,” Smith said. “All the while, teaching them and training them how to do proper CPR, and then hopefully that’s going to make the future school programs more successful.”

Next, the department will continue to teach students and staff at Chief Joseph Middle School until everyone knows how to do CPR. On June 3, firefighters will hold a community CPR/AED class.

We’ll post more information about it once details are available.

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