Restaurants gear up to watch the Zags take on Baylor

SPOKANE, Wash. — It’s the night nearly everyone in Spokane has been waiting for.

“It’s going to be the biggest game in the history of my Gonzaga Bulldogs,” said Bob Materne, owner of The Swinging Doors.

A big game that couldn’t have come at a better fan not just for fans but also for business owners who have struggled during this pandemic.

“It’ll be what we need to overcome what we experienced the last year financially. We’re down over a million dollars since last March so it’s been very difficult for us,” said Materne.

Things are now looking up for Materne. Not only did his reservations fill up in just 30 minutes of opening them up, but this alma mater made it to the final stretch of the NCAA Tournament.

“This is going to be tremendous to the whole program and the whole town,” he said.

Although The Swinging Doors may be at capacity. there are other places where you can go and watch the game. Jack and Dan’s Bar & Grill opened up a patio outside so that more people can come cheer on the Zags.

“I got here about 8:30 9:00. We had a lot of staff show up at 9,” said Ed Eschenbacher, manager of Jack & Dan’s Bar & Grill.

Eschenbacher has been busy setting up tables, coolers, even ordering an 8-by-14-foot screen so fans can watch the game.

“Last year was pretty rough with a lot of different things going on for everybody, so it’s just exciting to see people out with a common interest and excited about the same thing all together again,” said Eschenbacher.

With so many people out celebrating, Spokane law enforcement wants to make sure everyone stays safe. One Washington State Trooper shared a tweet early Monday, saying they caught nine impaired drivers after Saturday’s win.

It’s a reminder that if you do drink, please do so responsibly.

“There was probably some crying. I know there was a lot of shouting. It was awfully loud in here,” said Materne.

“Go Zags right? Let’s go. Let’s get it done,” Eschenbacher said.