Resources geared to help businesses and employees get back on their feet

Idaho unemployment

Community health goes hand-in-hand with economic health. 

While families put life on hold, most businesses have done the same, waiting for the ‘all clear’ to start the recovery process. 

The hardship hits close to home for everyone. Your neighbor who owns a small business down the street, now worried about paying the mortgage. 

In the last week of March, 12,000 people in Spokane County filed for unemployment. 

Fortunately, there are resources to help. 

Through the Washington Employment Security Department, small businesses can apply for the Shared Work Program. Under the program, employees work part time and get unemployment for the hours they miss. 

There’s also the Paycheck Protection Program. That money can be used for payroll and also things like rent and utilities. 

For our of work employees, there are companies hiring. You can find those through WorkSource Spokane.

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