Researchers: This is what office workers may look like in 20 years

It turns out, working in an office environment all day may not be great for people’s health. A newly created wax doll was designed to showcase that.

The model is based on the results from a report titled ‘The Work Colleague of the the Future.’ In it, researchers studied more than 3,000 office employees in France, Germany and the UK. The workplace woes they reported helped form Emma’s image.

Emma’s eyes are red and dry from staring at a computer screen. Her back is hunched from slumping in her seat. Emma is overweight from sitting so much and her skin is pale from artificial light.

Researchers from the study warned that if people don’t change their workplace habits, these ailments could be a reality for many others.

Some are skeptical of this look into the future, including Fernando Jauretche. He owns Freeform Interiors, in Spokane.

Jauretche has worked in the industry for decades. He’s watched as a growing number of employees switched to healthier work environments.

“There is a lot of click baity, scaremongering out there,” Jauretche said. “If we were going to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, it would have already happened in the past.”

Jauretche pointed to a new study that explained more employers are making changes to create more productive work spaces.

“I think everyone is trying to get healthier and they’re realizing they’re not as active as they’d like to be,” Jauretche said.

Height-adjustable desks and more communal work spaces are a few aspects of modern workspaces. Jauretche said it is important for employers and employees to evaluate how they work and where.

“There are advantages to standing at work, but it is the change of posture that’s beneficial, not keeping one static posture for a long period of time,” Jauretche said.