Rescan your channels! Channel 4 restored for viewers in the Palouse, Lewis Clark Valley

4 News Now engineers climbed to fix a broken translator
4 News Now engineers climbed to fix a broken translator. Copyright 4 News Now

PULLMAN, Wash. – Channel 4 has been restored to viewers in the Palouse and Lewis Clark Valley.

The 4 News Now engineering team has been hard at work restoring the broken translator, which provides over-the-air service to viewers in the area.

Earlier this week, severe weather impacted the translator, ultimately cutting channel 4 to viewers in the area. The area was impacted by debris and heavy snow, making it hard for the team to accesss the site.

Engineers attempted to access the translator by snowmobile on Monday and Tuesday, but unfortunately did not have any luck. They were ultimately able to access the site Wednesday eveningwith the help of backcountry experts and a snowcat.

Service has been restored for those impacted. However, if you don’t see a signal, please rescan your channels.

4 News Now wants to thank viewers for their patience during the outage.