Republican lawmakers sue Gov. Inslee to end stay-home order


TACOMA, Wash. — Several Republican lawmakers are suing Governor Jay Inslee to end the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.

The lawsuit orders that the stay-home order be ended immediately, as it infringes on the Constitutional rights of free exercise of religion, assembly, liberty, work and due process.

Despite the continued rise in case numbers across the state and the phased reopening plan introduced Monday, lawmakers argue that “COVID-19 presents a statistically insignificant threat to the health of children, young adults, and healthy adults.”

The lawsuit claims that Inslee “insists that he, and he alone, can determine whether an emergency exists.”

The plaintiffs in the case are Washington state representatives, all of whom are business owners or are otherwise adversely effected by the closures in the stay-home order.

According to the lawmakers, there is no threat to public order due to COVID-19, and that the continued stay-home order is preventing Washingtonians from securing medical care and businesses from making revenue.

The suit lays out numbers from Public Health, showing that 841 people have died from COVID-19 in Washington state since the first case appeared in Snohomish County. Older and vulnerable people hold the majority of cases, and no one under the age of 20 has COVID-19 in the state.

They compare the COVID-19 pandemic numbers to previous years, looking to the usage of health care resources and deaths from other diseases—like influenza and pneumonia. The lawsuit claims that the State Department of Health is refusing to release data on COVID-19 cases and deaths.