Report: Washington may soon run out of COVID-19 testing supplies

SPOKANE, Wash.– Testing supplies may be running out across Washington.

A situation report released on April 1 from the State Emergency Operations Center shows there are less than 10 days of testing supplies available in Washington.

“With current supplies we can continue processing tests for approximately 9 days at 200 samples per day,” the report states. “The target is to have a two-week supply at 400 samples per day.”

The report mentioned the state’s Public Health Lab is working daily to secure an inventory of supplies, but the the lab remains critically low on some items.

“Swabs will be limiting factor going forward,” the report states.

The total estimated cost reported by the state is just under $77,000,000. The projected cost for N95 respirators is nearly $25,000,000. There’s an additional $17,349,469 expected to be spent on ventilators and a near $7,000,000 on PPE gear such as gloves, face shields, and sanitation, according to the report.

The report showed an order for more than 4 million surgical and N95 masks. 2 million of the masks are due to the state by April 18 and 1 million N95 masks are being shipped “right away.”

As of right now, the Public Health Lab has an approximate 24-hour turnaround from the time they get the testing sample to sending out the sample result.

There is also a delay in the state’s reporting data, because of a “significant number of errors on lab requisition forms,” according to the report.

The Spokane Regional Health District told 4 News Now this week that the county has enough testing supplies for now. Hospitals in the county also have said they have enough resources and capacity for the time being.

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