Report: Rate of COVID transmission decreasing in Washington, Idaho

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Recent trends show the rate of COVID-19 transmission is decreasing in both Washington and Idaho. 

Graphs provided by The New York Times show an average of 44 per 100,000 people tested positive for the virus in the Spokane area in a one-week span. That’s down 40% compared to previous weeks. 

That said, recent reports show a rise in deaths reported in the Spokane metro area over that same amount of time. On average, one person for every 100,000 has died in the past week, up 25% from previous weeks. 

As of January, one in 21 people in the Spokane area have tested positive for COVID-19 and roughly one in 1,489 people have died, according to the report. 

Statewide, Washington has seen a 31% decrease on average of people testing positive over the course of two weeks.

Idaho is also seeing a decrease in overall transmission. An average of 48 people per 100,000 have tested positive for the virus in the past week, down 30% from recent weeks. Kootenai County alone has seen a 37% decrease in recent weeks with an average of 64 per 100,000 people testing positive in that same time period.  

According to the report, one in 13 people who live in Kootenai County have contracted the virus as of January, and one in every 1,428 people have died. 

Health officials did not report any new cases in North Idaho or Spokane County on Friday because of the holiday.