Rep. McMorris Rodgers Town Hall fills up in 43 minutes

Rep. McMorris Rodgers Town Hall fills up in 43 minutes

Tickets to attend Rep. McMorris Rodgers (R-WA 05) Thursday town hall, were snapped up in just under an hour, leaving some feeling like they won’t be able to have their voices heard.

The town hall will be held on Gonzaga University’s campus in the Globe Room in Cataldo Hall. It is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. and run for an hour and a half. Following opening remarks from the Congresswoman, there will be over an hour for questions from the crowd.

Given the current political climate and the myriad of issues being worked on in D.C. some say as a constituent in McMorris Rodgers’ district, they deserve the right to ask her questions face to face.

“These are important issues that need to be addressed,” said Paul Potocky, “she needs to hear from her constituents what their concerns are.”

Potocky says with a constituency that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, 300 tickets and a single town hall is not adequate. He says given the high interest, a larger venue should have been found or more town halls need to be scheduled.

McMorris Rodgers aides say in response that there aren’t many venues available to them in Spokane and that they aren’t surprised by the high interest. They say they gave a lot of advance notice for this event.

They say they will hold town halls in the future, but don’t anticipate adding any as a result of the high interest in Thursday.

For those who weren’t able to get in, they say they will take questions in advance of the event. Constituents can call Rep. McMorris Rodgers office or leave a post on her Facebook page.

Regardless, Potocky says the town hall is an important part of the democratic process, especially for a representative as powerful as McMorris Rodgers.

“She has a great deal of influence over our every day lives,” Potocky said. “She needs to be held accountable.”

The 300 who received tickets will be required to show documentation to prove they live in the district.

Those who aren’t able to attend can find a live stream of the meeting on KXLY’s Facebook page or on KSPS.