Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers holds first town hall since election

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers holds first town hall since election

Republican Congresswoman for Washington’s 5th district Cathy McMorris Rodgers held her first town hall since her 2016 re-election on Thursday. Tickets were snapped up in just 43 minutes after being made available to the public.

Each of the 300 ticket holders received a raffle ticket as they entered the town hall, held at Gonzaga, and were randomly selected to ask the Congresswomen questions. Attendees were also given green and red paper cards which they were able to raise if they supported or did not support statements made.

The meeting began at 5:00 p.m. and ran until 6:30p.m. Following brief opening remarks, the Congresswoman took questions for well over an hour.

Questions ranged from healthcare to legal marijuana, in addition to the recent developments with North Korea.

“I recognize that there is a lot of passion, ” said McMorris Rodgers. “People are engaged. My hope for this year is really having constructive conversation.”

On the topic of North Korea, the Congresswoman said she was encouraged by the actions of the United Nations Security Council, and that she was supportive of Donald Trump’s strong tone.

Answering a question asked about whether she supported legal marijuana or not, she was met with disapproval from the crowd when she responded she didn’t support the state’s legalization.

On healthcare she supported her vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, having to talk over jeering and chants of “save our healthcare” on several occasions.

The Chair of the Spokane Democratic Party said there was one moment, when the Congresswoman was asked if she thought President Trump was mentally capable of leading the country that needs to be scrutinized.

“That was a very telling moment,” said Andrew Biviano, “It was a direct question and she couldn’t answer. All she said was he was elected President.”

Overall, McMorris Rodgers said she was encouraged with how it went.

“I need to be able to listen and hear their concerns, and we got to do that tonight,” she said. “I am pleased that people came and engaged and that we had good discussion. I learn every time I have these opportunities and I make it a priority to listen.”