Gun control language prompted Rep. McMorris Rodgers to vote against extending Violence Against Women Act

SPOKANE, Wash. —  The Violence Against Women Act passed the House on Wednesday with support from both Democrats and Republicans, though Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers was not one of them. 

McMorris Rodgers voted against the renewal, which protects and provides help for domestic abuse and sexual assault victims. 

One of the changes expanded protections for transgender women. McMorris Rodgers said this version fails to protect people of faith and those who are hiring in faith-based organizations. 

Another table change was a provision to stop what’s known as the “Boyfriend Loophole.” It would prevent anyone convicted of stalking from getting a gun, language McMorris Rodgers did not support. 

“When we’re talking about denying someone their Second Amendment rights, it should include due process,” said McMorris Rodgers. “There needs to be that opportunity for that person to go to a judge and actually make their case, also, and that was not included in this particular version of the bill.” 

The nine-term congresswoman has supported violence against women legislation in the past and says she still does; just not this version. 

The passed legislation now heads to the Senate.

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