Rent some reindeer from Reardan business ‘Reindeer Express’

Rent some reindeer from Reardan business ‘Reindeer Express’
Norman Tsui

A local business in Reardan has provided a slice of the North Pole for over 20 years with reindeer rentals.

It sounds like something out of a kids’ story, but ‘Reindeer Express’ has been in the business of reindeer rentals, leases and sales for over two decades.

This means you can rent real, live reindeer for holiday festivals, awards benefits, tree lighting ceremonies and more. They will even provide the enclosure, handler, insurance and cleanup of the whole display. Furthermore, you can lease them for longer events, provided you have the fencing and hay to hold these majestic creatures. You can even buy reindeer from Reindeer Express, though they have very strict guidelines for this.

Of course, if live reindeer are not your thing, they offer tons of reindeer-themed knick-knacks on their website store.

For more information, you can visit the Reindeer Express website here, and if you want to see the reindeer in action, you might see them flying overhead on Christmas Eve!