Renovation project brings new life to East Sprague

A historic district along East Sprague is showing signs of new life. A $4.3 million renovation project rehabilitated the area between Helena and Stone Street. It’s now attracting more businesses, and shoppers.

Businesses along East Sprague don’t need a fortune teller to realize the neighborhood has new potential.

“The street is really busy now, and people want to shop,” said Heather Stewner, an associate with Blue Cat Vintage.

There’s new sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, and parking, thanks to the City’s $4.3 million renovation. There’s also new customers, and new businesses taking over old abandoned shops. Blue Cat Vintage took over an old gas station just a month ago.

“When this was reestablished and opened, it brought a whole new vibe to this area and the renovation has been totally awesome for our business,” said Stewner.

Heather Stewner says she’s seen lots of customers coming to check out the store’s antique collection, and the new neighborhood.

There’s another big change on the horizon for the Sprague Union District too. Construction is underway on a $9.5 million pedestrian bridge which will connect it to the growing University District by sometime next fall.