Renfro trial: Sgt. Moore’s dashcam shows moments before, after shooting

Renfro trial: Sgt. Moore’s dashcam shows moments before, after shooting

During the second day of Jonathan Renfro’s murder trial, jurors watched dash-cam footage from Coeur d’Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore’s patrol car depicting the moments before and after Renfro allegedly shot and killed him.

Renfro is facing a first-degree murder charge for Moore’s death. He’s accused of shooting the sergeant, taking his weapon and fleeing in his police car. His defense does not deny that he shot Moore- on Monday, they argued Renfro meant to shoot Moore in his body armor. They said he should be charged with voluntary manslaughter, not first-degree murder.

The dashcam video was presented in segments. In the first, dated May 5, 2015 at about 1:07 a.m., the camera shows the patrol caw driving, deliberately and slowly, through the neighborhood. That’s Sgt. Moore, on patrol. In the second segment, the video shows a person walking on the left side of the frame. The car stops for several minutes. In the third segment, the car begins to move again, but this time it’s Renfro behind the wheel. He drives fast and with less caution, blowing through several stop signs and at least one red light.

At about 1:40 a.m. he comes to a stop near the Wal-Mart and Cisco Foods at Stateline. The next few moments are accounted for by Wal-Mart security footage, which show a person dressed in dark clothing walking up to the store, then walking west, toward a gravel area where tractor-trailers are parked.

It’s underneath one of those tractor-trailers that Renfro was later found by a Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit. The deputy who handles that K9 and a Post Falls Police SWAT team member who found Renfro and took him into custody that morning testified in court today. According to the deputy, the K9 picked up Renfro’s scent in the wind, and found him lodged in the framework underneath the trailer. Renfro said he was “stuck” but showed his hands and cooperated with officers.

Once he was extricated from the trailer, he was brought to a nearby patrol car and searched. There, too, he’s seen as compliant with officer’s requests. Jurors saw dashcam footage of that search, during which the PFPD SWAT officer found a wallet, cell phone, cigarettes, a “handful” of 9mm bullets and a ski mask.

During a later search of the trailer, a different KCSO detective found a Glock semi-automatic pistol that matches one sold to the CDA police department, and one registered to Sgt. Greg Moore. He also found 2 pistol magazines that are consistent with the weapon found.

Trial will resume on Thursday morning.